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Originally Posted by Renegade1LI View Post
There is a space below the oven that seems completely wasted, absolutely nothing there. I am thinking of adding a drawer for cookware etc. My question is in matching the stain, I am going to call Keystone to see if I could buy some or where to buy some. Duplicating the wood work is easy & I also have some other cabinet modifications that would require color matching. Has anyone had any luck with finding matching stain?
I saw a post of someone who had done this mod. I think it was on the 380/381 Facebook page.

As for the stain, I would go to a true paint store. They have people that actually know what they are doing. Your not going to need much so it won’t cost much more to do it right. If you use soft wood I would use a seal coat before the stain so it doesn’t turn out splotchy and then clear finish coat in gloss to match finish. Yeah finish takes more time than cutting/fitting!! Plenty of u tube videos out there to help.....
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