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A 2011 3455SA is on the market. Seven years ago Viet-Nam caught up with me. Pushed back and got about three good years. In 2015 it showed up again in a different guise. This time, the push back is not working too well. We are getting rid of toys; the boat is already gone. We had one last fling in 2016 through New England - Saratoga in July for the races through Vermont, New Hampshire and Mass. for Tanglewood in August. The plan was to the northern border states out and the Canadian Provinces back this year. Neither that nor the Canadian Maritines and the balance of New England next year will be happening.
I have not participated much other than to ask for information but I do feel the kinship. I thank you all; without knowing, you have helped me maintain a good rig. I see that the site has changed since my last visit so I was unable to find a proper place for this message.
Again thank you all for coming together and creating this place.

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