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Originally Posted by OutlawPilot View Post
You've got me thinking about an eye bolt. Perhaps using a long padlock that goes through the eye bolt and around the handle?

But if you're fabricating something, I'm in for sure! Though my preference is to lock both sides.
If I make something it could be used on either or both sides.

I would say an eye bolt with a short piece of chain that could be wrapped around the handle and both ends secured to the eye bolt with a lock would work? Only issue might be if the chain would damage the finish? Maybe rubber coated chain?

Or two eye bolts one on top and one on bottom with the chain between them? Either two locks or they make chain links that once squeezed together stay that way....

But I think the best solution would be a piece of heavy strap (flat metal) bent to fit over the handle and bolted to one of the tie down bolts.

Let me study on it a bit.
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