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It makes sense now that i see that it's 240 volts when plugged into a 50 amp service. The main reason I want to use the meter is because I replaced my heavy 50 amp cord with a 30 amp cord and just want to make sure it doesn't get overloaded. Since we only have one AC and no dryer, probably don't have to worry about it anyway. The meter is on it's way and still pondering on the best way to hook up a single meter. I spoke with a gentleman at Datel and discussed what I wanted to do with it. Because of the three wire configuration (240 or 120 with the two hot wires being the same phase when on 120) he said to experiment. Possibly just running the neutral through the coil would work but only when operating on 120. I will post my results when returning from the Thousand Islands around the 18th.
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