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Hi Jim and Freddie,
And Lobo too! I thought you folks had gone south to get out of the cold! I've been watching the wx channel and looks to me like you're right in the middle of some of the coldest weather in the country! How do you manage that? Just great planning I'm sure.

Jim, from what I've read, the I-10 across LA is about the worst section in the entire country. Maybe you read the post Mark Nemeth made regarding it on the Escapees board. I guess part of the problem is finding an alternative route. I think LA needs your expertise down there to help them fix things. Why don't you offer your services as a consultant! Help us all out by getting those things fixed.

Hope all is going well with the new tranny. Also did you get the furnace fixed? I sure hope so with all the cold weather you're finding. What was the problem... a bad control board?

See you folks later. Keep enjoying your "homeless" status. All too soon you'll be back in a stick house once again.

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