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Been there, done that!
We have an early 2015 (Mfg 2014) Chevy 3500 that we experienced the same problem with. These 2 attached pictures should help you find and identify the 30amp fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Most auto parts stores do not carry this type of fuse, I purchased a few extra from a Chevy dealer to have spares. I have used one of my spares for my truck and a second spare went to help another RVer with the same problem.
What causes the fuse to blow is when you have low voltage in your 5th wheel batteries and than connect your truck to the 5th wheel and you activate the hydraulic motor. This motor pulls more than 30 amps which it can't get from your coach batteries so it tries to pull it from your truck and than blows the fuse.
Lesson learned, don't run your hydraulic motor or any item that pulls more than 30 amps when your coach batteries are low on voltage while you are connected to your truck.

Another lesson learned! If you try to run your hydraulic motor with low battery voltage you will eventually burn up the motor. It is a very expensive motor!!!

I hope this helps.
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