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guru1961 - we have the same unit you have. Just returned from 5 days in Bossier City, LA. The actual temps were 98-100 with heat indexes close to 110. I had both a/c's on with the fans set to Hi, so the fans ran all the time. Set the thermostats to 75 on both a/c's. We stayed comfortable the whole time. I will admit, it was a little warm in the middle of the day, but a small fan sitting on the floor at the end of the couch by the desk took care of that problem. We did have part of the fiver shaded in the evening by a medium sized tree.

I do love the color scheme of our campers, but it does make them hotter. We have one of those thermometers that gives you outside and inside temps. On the East side of the camper, late morning, the outside temp registered 119 and inside 89. That was on the wall. If I put my hand on the wall by the thermometer, I discovered why it registered 89. In the middle of the fiver, it was comfortable.

One question - Have you had trouble with your refrigerator? PM me.

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