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I got one fix for the 2014 Big Sky Montana that we own and it is cinder box like richfaa speaks. I installed a 3rd AC non-ducted unit (removed fantastic vent in kitchen) and routed the 120V cable in wire mold to the power panel area. Most of the service centers stated that I couldn't add a 3rd AC because the 50A service wouldn't handle it. Might I explain to them that 40-45' units have the same 3 AC's and same 50A service as most larger RV's do. We got to 100 degrees outside in Stillwater OK recently and it maintained 74 degrees inside with 3rd unit on medium speed. We were in non-shaded lot. It costs $700 for the 3rd AC (13k btu) but so far a well spent endeavor. We have a ongoing warranty claim with Keystone on the "non" cooling aspects of this RV. We live in ours while working in different locations so we were miserable for a few weeks till the fix got completed.
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