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Originally Posted by Beau2010 View Post
When we first started using radial tires, we were told that when rotating, the tires had to roll in the same direction as before. That was why when you had radials rotated, they had a chalk mark indicating direction of rotation. In other words, on a dually, if rotating w/o breaking down, left front has to go on outside right rear and vice versa. That also means the inside duals stay in place. Radials will disintegrate if made to roll in the opposite direction. Only way to rotate all tires is to break them down, not because the wheels won't fit but because radials have to roll in same direction.
If you have arrows on your tires indicating they are unidirectional then you are correct.
If they are multi directional tires which most radials today are, you can can put them in on any position on your DRW.
Costco balances and rotates all of my Michelin tires on my DRW truck yearly and they are doing great.
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