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Originally Posted by Bridge4d View Post
I like my rear cap but it does get dirty. I've had both and the reason I like the cap is it's rigid and doesn't show temperature related warping like my Cougar did.
I have been looking at the Montana 3810 MS and I got the following list that is now in the Legacy package.
NEW! Legacy Edition Package
Disc Brakes
Generator Prep
Surge Protector
Furrion S-Vision Cameras (side view and rear View)
iN-Command with HVAC Control
Hardwood Cabinet Framing (Stiles)
Electric Power Cord Reel (N/A 3130RE)
Rear Fiberglass Cap (N/A 3700,3701,3790,3791)

I like the idea of disc brakes and the camera would be nice. I am still trying to decide between Montana and Solitude.
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