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Guess there is a broad definition of high end, so we’ll just disagree. Montana’s had molded backs as standard even as late as 2014-15 models. In other words, it wasn’t an option. Then someone at Keystone thought of an idea of eliminating the Mountaineer line and put that flat back as standard on the Montana. It lowered expenses, lowered opinions by many, but eventually it was profitable and they concentrated on other creature comforts. Now you had a medium end 5th wheel with some options so to create more bling. I actually discussed the molded rear cap with the owners of Vilano at the January Tampa RV show in 2016, and they admitted they wanted to incorporate a cap to add that edge, but it was a big undertaking and investment. Apparently expenses and expertise overruled that pursuit, so it was never instituted. We know it’s all about market niches, profit margins and what type customers they’re trying to attract. For me, it’s no longer a Montana.
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