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We have had our homeowners for 35 years and never had a major claim but one major claim could bankrupt us.We have had our auto
truck insurance for over 40 years and never a major claim.We have been paying for heath care insurance for over 40 years and never had a major claim till last year and the bill came in at nearly 70K.Cost us 3K since Helen is not yet on Medicaid.

We have had extended warranties on our two Montana 's since 2006 and have used them .This last repair bill was just shy of 1000.00

We have had the Ford ESP plan on our 2008 F-350 will renew next August when it expires.

We pay affordable premiums to provide payment for unaffordable failures. They are like any other insurance and we have it for the same reasons.We have had more insurance claims on our two Montana's since 2006 than ALL of our other Insurances combined.
WE are long timers we do put a lot of miles and live in the Montana for extended lengths of time.

Some of the failures that Extended warranties paid for on two Montana's Refrigerator (2) Microwave(1)Hot water tank (1).. Holding tanks (8) two more were replaced under manufacturers warranty. Frame flex 2) OEM warranty.
I do not think we got our money back on our extended warranties and I was unaware that we were supposed to. We have not got our money back on any of our other insurances. We just renewed our Montana Service plan again with Cornerstone

If you feel that these RV's are of sufficient quality that failures will be at a minimum save your money.
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