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quote:Originally posted by Slink

Let's have folks report who have spent $500.00 or less on their unit in one year with exception of tires or normal maintenance. Is Keystone and their dealers taking care of business, or is it all flash and no substance. Let's hear the good things on the product, is it worth it to continue buying keystone products?
Purchased my 2014 in January. Three of my issues were not related to any subcontractors of Keystone, but only related to cheap sloppy workmanship.

The kitchen water lines had a knife cut across them which caused them to start leaking about a month after purchase. Had to have licensed plumber replace defective lines and install valves. On second trip the entire closet clothes rod collapsed and was destroyed. I rebuilt the entire assembly myself using oak wood/rods for under $120.00.

The third cheap sloppy workmanship issue is the roof, which is still not resolved by Keystone. Enough has been written about this issue to last us all a lifetime and is obviously of no interest except to us few victims of this defective workmanship.

So have I spend less than $500.00 on my own repairs? Probably. Is a Montana still a good value? I think if you can purchase one at a discounted price of under $50,000 then it would be worth buying a new one.

Here is my take on Keystone though. I think they are starting down the road of not honoring their warranties and producing some pretty sloppy workmanship. But their units are priced accordingly. If we were to purchase another FW it would be a "higher end" from someone else besides Keystone RV.

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