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Ok this post won't be liked by some! I apologize in advance! Having been in Customer Service, you can't please some people. Molehills become Mountains. People expect way too much of some products. They seem to equate "what they paid" as enough to expect perfection. I spent 10 xs what my Montana costs on boats that had issues very similar to RVs. Range Rovers, BMW, Bentleys have issues. Why because they are machines, built by humans. Things go wrong, things fail. Now as far as fixing, yes you must point out the issues ASAP! Not two years later, like some tend to do. You also have to understand the law, is not entirely consumer friendly. If manufacturer gives you a time to get it fixed, and you hesitate, you might lose opportunity. Just because time is not convenient, sorry they offered to fix it. Go before a Judge he will say, "Mr Arnold they offered to fix it Christmas Day! But Judge I like to spent that one day with family! You know what I mean, it's your responsibility to let them fix it! Last it's not brick and mortar. It's a glued together, screwed and stapled faux house, riding down the perfect smooth freeways in North America! My best friends are upset because a piston strut went out on their three year old trailer storage door. All this is the price of admition for all this fun we are having! Yes they should build them better, yes they should have better warranty's, but those few company's that did all that, are either broke or could not get their price and now exist under a company named after a Norse God! Thank you! Lol. Last thing! "Why does Newell and all the other high end builders, have parts departments"? Because things break and go bad...sadly!
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