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Originally Posted by roothoss1282 View Post
richfaa......... just curious how you can be residents in Fl. but have your domicile in Ohio? We sold our S&B and have a lot with Power and water and sewer with a storage shed with the stuff we wanted to keep and travel maybe 8 months and stay here in SC. for 4 months. We are wanting to get our domicile in South Dakota but weren't sure we could get away with that being we have a small storage shed on our lot that we stay 4 months out of the year. Just curious what your doing? Thanks
Brush up on the difference between Domicile and residence. Domicile is were you vote, register your vehicles, pay State and local taxes, etc. You can be a resident anywhere.

We have been residents in 3 States at the same time Example own property in Florida but our permanent domicile is in Ohio. Cars plated there and we are registered to vote there. We have a permeant address there. Florida does not have State Income tax but we do pay Ohio State income tax.
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