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We got zapped & fried !

Hi all,
Will try to keep this short.
An RV 2 spaces down from us in the RV park had his elec. pedistal/meter fry. They called an elec. co. out and they shut down the power on our row, did the work, kicked it back on, and pop, pop, pop goes the Monty!
We lost our microwave,bedroom TV,our inverter,my pc (fixed now it was just the power supply)surge protector on pc,our phones, and elec clocks, refer works only on gas.
This is what I heard happened, they shot 240 v. through our unit by mistake.........a few of our breakers did not flip, same thing happened to both neighbors. All three 5th wheels are made by Keystone. Now the corporate office is trying to get a hold of Keystone by EMAIL to see why the breakers didn't trip.My neighbor is looking into getting a lawyer as we are getting no answers on when things can be checked out. They said go ahead and get it done and save your reciepts! No Way. My brother in law who is a retired elec. said the breakers didn't have time to trip.We all seem to think that the office here is trying to push the blame to Keystone. It was an elec. co. contracted by the park that pulled the Boo-boo.I would think it would be them at fault....Phewwww.... just wanted to vent.
Thanks all, going to get a surge protector tomorrow!
Chris and Albert
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