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quote:Originally posted by ontheroad10

I am very curious about what others are doing to measure their rig. I had a dealer measure mine twice. Once it was 13' 9", second time 13' 4". I have a high profile satellite dome about one inch above the air conditioner and have added goodyear g614 tires. The specs that came with the unit says height is 12' 9" and Keystone tells me that is supposed to include the air conditioner. I am planning a trip through Texas and Louisiana and would like to know for sure, but with all the conflicting readings, I doubt I will ever feel comfortable going under a bridge rated at 13' 6", though there are times where you have little choice. Do most of you feel comfortable with your knowledge of the height of your rig?
A 2 man job, but here's what I did: Hitched up to the truck and up on the roof, I held a laser level on the top of my A/C at the highest point. On the ground, my helper started to extend a telescoping fiberglass pole I have until it hit the laser beam being held level by myself up on my trailer. Once the pole is extended to the correct spot (just hitting the laser beam) he locked the pole, laid it on the ground, and then I measured the length. I'm 13'4". It will never get any higher, but might drop a bit when I load the trailer and it sinks into the truck a little more.
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