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Lippert will say no since that's the easiest thing to say and not be liable in the event of a mishap. Hydraulic systems are known to fail which is the same reason me and everyone else I know use a static jack in addition to a hydraulic jack.

It's all about how lucky you feel or how well kept and working your equiment is. Consider that when you are RVing and use the Level-Up, do you ALSO use static jacks to support the weight of the trailer for those number of days being set up? If you were gonna be setup for a few days or more, I would consider static jacks in addition to the Level Up as backup, but for a day or two for disc brake installation? I would hope the brake place would have the sense of adding an additional fixed jack(s) whatever wheel they are working on. Or all four at the same time since the Level Up makes it convenient.

NOTE: The static jacks should be tall enough and strong enough (3 ton?) to provide support at the frame of the RV not under the axles. If the hydraulic jacks fail, you want the static jacks to support the trailer at its frame not under the axles. The axle bodies are designed to support weight at the hub ends where the tires are located and trying to support a heavy load under somewhere in the middle might cause axle damage.
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