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You should be able to find instructions on flushing the RV systems as well. If you must flush out the fresh water tank then I'd recommend flushing the whole house system too. You might need a few treatments since some of the problem areas might be right after any shutoffs.

It basically means you run the pump and get the bleach solution in all the plumbing, let it sit for several hours (overnight is best - that's what I do, but I don't live in my rig) and do its thing, then flush with fresh water to remove the bleach smell (don't forget the filters). Hopefully this takes care of the mold/mildew problem.

Don't forget to use the filter system when refilling the fresh water tank. It doesn't do much good if you have a wonderful filter system for the city water supply, then don't use it when filling the fresh water tank.

I use my water filters for any water coming in to my rig. I've seen RVers connect up the city water using the filters, then fill up the fresh water as an emergency backup to the city water supply AFTERWARDS using NO filters. Makes no sense to bypass your filtration system.

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