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Using 30 amp at CG

2007 3400RL. At home I hook up 50 amp (had a plug installed by my front door of stick house) when loading and unloading, then the night before we leave I just use a heavy 110 cord to hookup to keep the fridge and small chest freezer running until we head out. On previous trips we have always had access to 50 amp, which we almost always needed as we camped in hotter months and needed both AC's. Starting to do more fall/winter camping and anticipate going to parks that only have 30 amp. I have the appropriate adapters to use 30 amp CG supply and realize the major limitation is I will not be able to run 2 AC's at once (any other major no-no's with 30 amp only) but my question is: I never want to plug in without the protection of my big 50 amp surge protector. If I plug in to the CG supply with my 30 amp adapter, then in line to the trailer would be the surge protector, 50 amp cord, then trailer will I be OK? Or will the 50 amp surge protector give me error messages and/or not function as it should and/or prevent me from having electrical supply? TIA.
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