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Holster for Smith and Wesson 9mm model 39-2

Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
Sue and I got back from around 18 months living Ďon the roadí so to speak, since I retired from my HVAC business, we said why not?
I moved my heavy leather sewing machine to the RV, sold holsters through Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, And Arizona. I design and make all my holsters, have over $1,000 worth of Blue guns, or, pattern guns to get a great fit. It was interesting stopping at every leather shop along the way, amazing all the talent hidden in those small shops. Itís a hobby, as much money as I have in it, it will never turn a profit or become a business. Thereís a saying: You know how to become a millionaire in the Holster business? Start with 2 million.
Donít know how to post a picture from an iphone, probably be too big and not conform to posting guidelines.
Iíve been away too long. CRS, forgot all that resizing stuff.
You can see them on Bear Foot Leather on Facebook.
Sue is making amazing quilts now, girl can do anything.
What types of holster would you have for a Smith model 39-2 9mm?
A few years back I bought a bunch of led light bulbs form you.
tell me about prices also.d
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