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We have a home in a colder Midwest State. We go South for the winter, which is fun. But when we return home, it feels good to stretch out in more spacious accomodations. We both have crafty hobbies and are glad to get back to them in the spring. We've been spending our winters in our RV for the past 9 years in the South. We've made a lot of friends doing this. We notice the older ones and those with life changing health problems usually gravitate back to where they have family when their RV'ing is over. And if that means returning to the colder climates, it's much easier in a house than in an RV. It's a tough decision to make when you have to admit you can't navigate the RV anymore. And we have seen some store their RV's in the South where they winter while they return home to Minnesota so they don't have to pull the RV.

If you're pinching pennies and selling the house so you can buy the RV, like a lot do, that's OK. And when you can't RV anymore, you're thinking of buying or renting a duplex, that's OK. It's usually very tramatic selling all of those personal posessions when selling your house. But when you're done fulltimming and wanting to buy back into some kind of fixed housing, the RV you're getting rid of will not retain the value that you put into it like the house would have. But if you kept your house like we are, you have to discount the upkeep, the utilities, taxes, etc. from the value of the house you held onto.

In our case, when we're done RV'ing, we'll probably have to get rid of the house anyway becasue we won't be able to navigate the steps anymore. That day's comming.

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