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I have a spare whole house water filter canister and I put the bleach in it and then pump it into the fresh water tank and normally fill it at least 3/4 full. I then run the water pump to get the chlorinated water through all the lines. I do have the water heater bypass on so it doesn't go into the water heater and open the hot water faucets also until I smell the chlorinated water. I let it sit for at least a half but normally a full hour then dump the fresh water tank and them put some baking soda into the filter canister to help remove the chlorine smell faster. I fill the tank once again and the lines and then let it set for an hour or so. Dump the tank and lines again and either fill the tank partway and the lines again. If I still smell the chlorine I just fill the tank and lines again with regular city hookup water and let it set about 15-20 minutes and then dump again. Usually-- it is clear of the smell and it's good to go.
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