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Originally Posted by pkbridges77 View Post
We are full-timing, but our official address is a UPS store in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It satisfies all the requirements for vehicle registration, driver's license, voting, and paying taxes. The only hiccup we encountered was opening a new money market account. The UPS address did not qualify as a residential address according to the Patriot Act, so we had to use our son's address. But the UPS address is on our DL, insurance, and everything else. We have come to have a personal relationship with the guys at the store, and I just call them up and tell them where to forward the mail. They have our CC, and send it via UPS each week without fail. So far so good after a year!

X2 on this. We also Fulltime and use a UPS store in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee as our official address and as stated above for everything else too. Works great and we have never had any issues with it.
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