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The city water pressure will fill up the hot water tank (if the bypass is not on). If you don't drain your tank it will not take as long to refill.

I drain the HW tank after each outing. Otherwise you run the risk of "stink water". This is a phenomenon from some water supplies that have too much hydrogen sulfide and when water sits in the water heater too long this seems to promote this. It is not dangerous but the water will stink like sulfur real bad and so will you if you shower in it which is how I found out about it. I've had this problem twice in the same year from the hot water tank. After draining the water heater when stored for long periods and letting it refill with fresh water for each outing I have never had this problem since (it's been several years since).

This is whether propane and/or electric heats the water.

Regarding the element. It's not considered safe to get an element with a higher rating than what's already there. When in doubt, the manual should state the proper rating. Not ever having done a replacement is it safe to say that the water pressure (city water or pump) be turned off and the HW tank needs to be drained? Then after replacement and pressure is turned back on, wait until the WH is refilled prior to turning on the switch to test it!
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