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Originally Posted by scottz View Post
I agree with the above. It has a lot of positives. I'm a little distrustful of high tech stuff on something like an RV that has the poor workmanship I've seen; but so far, no problems. This biggest plus is being able to walk around to verify slide or awning clearance while operating. My biggest gripe is the pass code that cannot be disabled; once the screen locks (30 minutes maximum lock time) it takes six key strokes just to turn on a light; I'm not sure that is real progress.
I was able to disable the passcode on our '16 3790RD. I hated that as well. It took me about an hour, but found how to disable it.

Our In-Command acted funny when it came and after 3 months it would stop responding. After our dealer got in touch with the manufacturer, it was determined that our main control board in the basement was bad. The new one took about 25 minutes to replace and it has been flawless ever since. One thing that does scare me is that the main control board, if not covered under warranty, has a cost of $1800 The company stated it could have been an electrical surge that did it, or could have been a bad board since it was made, but recommended a surge protector. We now have a Surge Guard hardwired in with the control panel in the control area of the rig. If I had to do it over again, I'd go with Progressive Industries just because of the warranty.
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