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Originally Posted by Mikendebbie View Post
I just have one or four more questions...
Am I correct in assuming that air bags provide some adjustment - springs do not allow adjustment? Also maybe changing out springs cost less than air bags - correct? Are the after-market springs significantly better than factory 1-ton springs?

Also I have seen threads about changing out the pin box. My Monte has the road armor pin box. Are there pin boxes that provide significantly more cushioning? I have seen pin boxes with shock absorbers on them. Are those the ultimate pin box or is that “old technology” - maybe before the moryde/road armor pin boxes on the newer Montes? Will a good pin box do more for ride quality than airbags?

Is that enough questions for now? One more - Will a birds nest in the pin box improve ride quality?
We stepped up to a 3160RL last year after owning SOB 5er before. The 31060RL came with the Mor-Ride pin box and suspension. I added air bags to my 2013 Silverado 2500 which has a factory exhaust brake. I’ve towed it some 3,000 miles so far with no issues and in fact it tows significantly better than our previous 5er that weighed 3,000lbs less. Yes, I can tell I’m towing a heavier trailer but the chucking and bouncing are almost completely gone except for the worst pavement conditions which just driving a 3/4 ton truck by itself over would rattle your molars. Braking is not an issue for me with my setup. I would definitely look for a birds nest to add to your ride comfort, just stay away from any of the raptors or eagles since they won’t fit.
2017 Montana 3160RL
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