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So, went to get out camper today from dealer, whom as had it since the 24th of July, 5 days after we purchased, and things their tech signed off of being done were not. The only 2 things that were completed was the collapsed air vent and fixing the shower. While we were there we decided to check the slides for the leaking grease issue and yep there it was in all 4 slides. Needless to say I had enough. Corporate was in town because of a huge bluegrass festival they are having and I demanded the service manager, someone from corporate right then. Once we were took in to an office and I began to vent, the situation turned around and was in our favor. Ours was the first they have had on the gear box issues so they are getting with Keystone. Offered lifetime warranty on the repairs they make as long as I own the unit. I am so glad I joined these montana sites or I would not have known to check the gear issues.
I'm really happy that you got the response you did. Elated in fact. These guys are masters in the art of verbal judo. Them telling you that yours is the first they've seen is just a flat out fib. Keystone is well aware of this issue and are falling all over themselves to keep it quiet. That's why whenever someone starts to raise a stink about it they rush them through the line and get them taken care of to hush them up. Please make sure you pass on to other Keystone owners about how to handle the issue. It's exactly how I got mine handled as well. If you educate yourself so you know the issue at hand, go in to the dealer ready to defend your position and don't settle for anything less than complete replacement of the gear drives and ruined roof membranes on the slideouts. My dealer is waiting on the new motors/gear drives. Meanwhile they said it's OK to use the RV to take our vacation to florida. When we get back the parts will be here and they can start on it. I'm glad you are getting taken care of and proud of you.
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