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Originally Posted by Grzly03 View Post
I'll jump in right away to give my recommendation. In your responses you are going to see rvers who love DISH and hate DISH, same with DIRECT or whomever else. I am not a DISH lover. I believe their advertising is incomplete, and therefore misleading. They don't tell you everything you need to know, and therefore you may have problems unless you have an experienced satellite user standing by. Their customer service is great in being friendly and responsive, but only fair in technical expertise. There are at least 3 levels of customer service, and they get better as you move up, but the first level people are "script readers." When they get to the end of their script, if you problem isn't solved they just pass you on to the next level, and so on. Specific you might see: (1) When ever you turn on the antenna and receiver, you never know what you are going to get. The programming might be what you are paying for, most likely it will not be. (2) The wiring in your RV may have problems. Not connected here, wrong kind of splitter there, mislabeled somewhere else. (3) Service rep who answer the phone not knowledgeable about your problem. Many of their reps are off-shore and "only know the script."

Good luck!
This would just about apply to every service provider of any service in the US as well as a large swath of 5th wheel sold in the US. Almost all companies utilize a tiered approach to technical issues. RV coax wiring leaves a lot to be desired IMHO. I replaced every F connector in my rig when I purchased a Wiengard Travler. I was lucky enough that I could not find any evidence of staples being run through the RG-59/6 runs. The good news is the connections are very easy to replace and the tools are pretty inexpensive. In the end you should be able to get satellite service from your choice of provider. You will experience challenges with customer service at some point. Your rig may need some attention with regards to the wiring and or connections.
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