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Just talked to the dealer and they can adjust the electronics so that the speed will read correctly with the 265's instead of the 245's on the GMC 2500HD.
My dealer also told me that you gain about 400 pounds of load per tire by going to the 265 tire. Anybody out there that can verify this info. I have been reading that the 3400RL on a 2500HD gets real close to the load limit on the 245 tires. Would it be a good idea to size up to the 265 before I put any miles on the truck??? Both the 245 and the 265 are E rated, 10 ply tires.
If I do change out the tires, I have a little concern about the Duramax and tranny with the larger size tires when I tow. Does that have an adverse effect on the pulling configuration( make it harder for the power train to operate)? I have never pulled with a diesel before.
Any help would be great!!!
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