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Its pretty darn simple to me. You truck and or trailer have many different weight ratings that are NOT to be exceeded.....

Lets think of this in another way, lets say you are building a house. Its location is in my neck of the woods (central MD) where you can get 3-4 feet of snow on occasion. But because its cheaper or what ever reason, you decide to get roof trusses engineered to meet the roof load of, say (Columbia SC). Will that work and hold the roof up ?. Absolutely, until it snows 4 feet and causes the roof collapse.

I am not an engineer by any stretch of imagination, but I am pretty sure things like the bridges we all drive over are designed to handle the maximum weight that could be put upon them. (Think the Chesapeake Bay bridge with 80k tractor trailers lined end to end.

Our trucks are the same way. There is a reason for the yellow sticker on the door jamb that states its maximum payload capacity.
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