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Cable type bedroom slide issue.

My 2016 Montanna has the cable style bedroom slide instead of hydraulic. I am not impressed with this system. My question is when it is going out it stalls and then makes noise and then continues out and keeps repeating the noise and stall routine. I am sure there is a clutch adjustment that I will need to make to it so it can go out smoothly again. Bringing the slide in it has no issues whatsoever. I guess I will do a search on this topic but if anyone has some quick tips I would certainly appreciate them.
I am now officially part of the club that needs to do the main 12 volt auto breaker modification as quite often while retracting the landing gear everything stops and you have to wait until it resets. Really to do this correctly you should tear everything apart when you first buy a new unit and fix all the shoddy work and replace the cheap components that are installed and assembled at the factory.

Tom Marty
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