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I'm about to try the Never Fail bushings. I put the regular bronze bushings in along with rest of the wet bolt kit at ~4K miles as the original nylon bushings were 100% shot. I then put about 15K on the bronze pieces, lubed well. Of the 12 that are in springs or the shackle ends of the MORryde , at least 10 were heavily worn with the outer ones the worst(worn through). I then replaced all but the center MORryde bushing. Also, the actual bolts had heavy wear, and that info is documented here, response 9:

I am installing a fresh set of MORryde heavy wet bolt shackles with the new Never Fail bushings and I am going to lube them regularly. Yes, etrailer says not to lube them as grease will cause deterioration. Untrue as Lippert in response to my email said that dirt may cause harm, not grease. Additionally, SKF Bearings who make polyamide bushings has said that grease may indeed help.

When all said, none of the 3 choices are great, but wet bolts with either the bronze or Lippert polyamide bushings are sure better then the original nylon. I just wish that there was something better without going to the expense of independent suspension which is out of my financial means.
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