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Originally Posted by mtlakejim View Post
I totally agree but was being diplomatic. Based on what I have read here and heard in general some folks are bound and determined to tow with trucks that are at best barely suited to the job. Those folks not only risk their safety but also everyone else’s! That being the case we do have the right to call them out on it!!!

As for me, I want a truck that is capable plus a little safety margin. The question for me is not how easily does it get the wheels rolling but how well does it STOP!! Is the braking controlled and stable. Also is the vehicle stable in curves. That’s why I will continue to advocate for dual rear wheels! I am not concerned with what kind of unloaded in the rain braking I have. I am concerned about what kind of braking and stability I have while towing down a steep mountain in the rain!!! Anyone who argues that a SRW is going to brake better and be more stable in that kind of condition needs to have their head examined! Y’all
Being a 'one and done' dually owner we agree on some points. If you NEED the payload go for it. I'll make sure I never need the payload that requires a dually again. At 14K# I find nothing the dually did that the SRW cannot do. Wind, rain, mountains and all. If at 16K# I'd surely feel the need which is why we did not purchase wife's 1st floor plan choice.
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