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Again, in advanc, thanks for all your input. Your information is helping me out a lot.

My AC is on it's own breaker, 20 AMP. I also have a 20 AMP breaker for the second AC, wiich I keep off, becasue I do not have one.

I did not test the voltage when it happened, becasue it happened overnight. I would assume, however, it I was going to experience low voltage, it would be during the day, during high use for the whole campground, vs the middle of the night. I could be worng, but seemed like a good assumption. I have not thought about replacing the breaker, that would be my next step. I just dont think it is the AC unit now, as it was just replaced with a brand new one.

Also, FYI, the AC is by itself, nothing else is tied into that breaker. And my 50 AMP main is not tripping, just the 20 AMP ac breaker. Everything else in the coach is functioning normal.

One more thing, i did check and recheck my Hunter Thermostat upgrade, and that seems to be correct.
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