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Goodyear G614RST tires Vs. Tacoma tires

We had our 2nd blowout a couple of weeks ago, so I sprung for 5 (including spare) new Goodyear tires.

Wow.....what a difference in weight and appearance! They're so much beefier, it's hard to quantify in print.

Just got them mounted, but I expect the Goodyears to perform without blowing out and taking half the coach with them. (Like the Tacoma's seem to be wont to do.)

About $170.00 each from Walmart in Kerrville Texas. "Discount" tire wanted $235 each......why do they call that place "Discount" anyway??

I just put the model number in the subject heading so that it would be easier to comment on them at some point in the future.

Keeping my fingers crossed..........

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