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I am very impressed with the new 3500RL. Currently having the 3400RL, If I would have known this floor plan was coming out I probably would have waited. There are a few things I like about the 3500RL like the fact that the bath room sink is in the shower, watercloset area, not in the bed room area. You can close the curtain and have privacy in the bedroom area and still be able to use the bath and sink if you had guests over. I wish I could have seen more of the bed room area though. The other thing is I do like to stay up later at night and watch tv or a movie and having the french doors would be a nice way to help contain the noise if someone else is trying to sleep. I saw two things I did not like and one being that I have more counter space in my 3400RL, and sometimes I do like to sit at my table dinning table and do some work, and can still watch tv or talk with others in the living room area. The final thing I noticed about the new 3500RL is the rear slide is past the wheels on the enterance door side. My 3400RL has the fender flare that comes out with the slide. Have had to have that fender screwed back in twice now. Just thought I would put my two cents in. Good luck on your decision, I know I cant wait to see the new 3500RL in person.
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