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Originally Posted by richfaa View Post
It is normal procedure to order parts through Keystone. Normally a vendor will not sell directly to the RV owner but it does not hurt to call the vendor and ask.

The normal route for ordering parts is you go to your dealer or a dealer and they order the part through keystone. Keystone orders the part from the vendor.The vendor sends the part to Keystone .Keystone sends the part to the dealer.You pick it up from the dealer. We have on occasion had the part sent directly from the vendor after ordering through our dealer.We did buy a part directly from the vendor because we called and asked if they could do that. The Montana graphics are not hard to duplicate ad most of them are off the shelf at most any graphics company. We had graphics made in our local community and were able to choose exactly what we wanted and the quality we wanted.
That was where I was going with the questions. So does anyone know who the graphics company is for Keystone at present? I'll contact them directly. If they won't sell me what I want, then I will search locally. I'm not about to pay Keystone premiums and wait on it to go thru their chain of command..... I understand why they push folks to the dealers, the dealers want to establish and maintain a relationship with buyers. I was in sales and we worked really hard toward the same goal. It made it easier to sell our products for premium prices......Sales is after all about 90% establishing customer personal relationships. Sometimes only for long enough to sell a camper or car. In some businesses for a lifetime.
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