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My Shurflo is probably 75-80% quieter than the Flo-jet. I have the silencer kit on mine and it's hard to tell how much it works as I installed everything together. Be sure to keep your hoses coiled on the silencer kit to reduce vibration if you install it. I also added some foam on the water lines I could reach. Any water lines you can install foam on will help. As for installing the water-pump on a rubber or foam pad I doubt it will help much on the Shurflo as it already has very good rubber mounts on the bottom. I can stand outside next to the convenient center and can only hear the pump if I am listening for it and in the bedroom just barely hear it. I have some noise behind the shower coming from the water pipes sometimes but no hammering like it use to be. Anyone who installs the Shurflo will be a happy camper.
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