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quote:Originally posted by snfexpress

What Ozz said about cross-bracing. I went to Home Depot and bought 3' of aluminum angle and cut it in half. I then epoxy glued each piece diagonally across the broadside of the furnace. Solved our noise problem.
Actually, I believe, what ozz was talking about was cross-braking, not bracing. Essentially, they take a piece of sheet metal and put a crease diagonally from one corner to the other, and another from the other corners diagonally, making an X on each large surface of the duct work. Making it look like this:

Most of you probably can see this technique applied on the furnace ducting of your stick built houses. It makes the panels stiffer and keeps the surface from popping back and forth, which makes the bang sound. It is cheap to do while braking the duct work. The process of bending sheet metal is done on a "brake press", hence the term, "braking". It is easy, and cheap to do because it does not require any additional materials, and probably only takes an extra 2 seconds per panel to accomplish. I'm not sure if this is utilized in the Montana duct work or not, since I don't have mine yet. ....If they don't, it is just plain silly on their part.

Anyway, I guess it doesn't help much to close the gate after the cows get out, so if your furnace "bangs", adding an actual piece of bracing material, like a hunk of angle aluminum for stiffening, is pretty much your only choice.
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