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jpkelpe 07-25-2014 04:52 PM

Amish Dinner- Sign up closed
It is time to start thinking about the Amish dinner at the home of an Amish Family. We will be using the Millers once again.
It will be on Thursday Sept 25 at 5 PM. Note there is a different procedure this year because of the date, Read the below information carefully.

If you would like to attend leave your names (first and last) and indicate how many are in your party, as a reply to this post. If you are first timers, this is a wonderful way to experience the hospitality and good cooking of the Amish. I must know names one week before (Sept 18) so I can give a count to the Millers. The cost will be $20.00 per person and includes tax and tip. We will be collecting the money for the dinner when you register for the Rally on Wednesday Sept 24. NO cancellations after Monday Sept. 22. Cash (preferred) or check made out to Miller's Kitchen. NO Credit or Debit cards.
Unfortunately we are limited to 150 people so it will be the first to sign up, first on the list. Since we are anticipating that this event will be full we will take a waiting list so if someone can't go the last minute there will be a chance for someone else to attend. Anyone that does not pay on Wednesday at registration time will forfeit their place and the people on the waiting list will be notified, starting on top of the list.

The menu is as follows and is family style and it is passed around and yes, there are seconds and sometimes thirds.

homemade bread, apple butter and jelly
Roast beef
mashed potatoes and gravy
noodles with chicken bits
green beans
Deluxe cabbage salad.
and of course pie and ice cream (sorry one piece of pie per person)

There will be coffee, tea and ice water and Esther's own mint Iced Tea (lightly sweet).

List of attendees:
1. bish------------- Steve & Sharon Bischoff
2. twindman------ Tom and Gail Windman
3. NCFischers------ Jim Fischer 1
4. George Morey-- George and Linda More
5. richfaa------------ Rich and Helen LaScola
6. snowbiz ----------- Bud & Susie Walsh
7. Walt and Lynn-- Walt and Lynne Carothers
8. Jay Bird---------- George and Rosetta Person
9. remhob---------- Lynn and Pat Bohmer
10. Joe in Texas------Joe & Janet Huber
11. Mynabird----------Bob and Myna Greenlee
12. jdvier-------------Margie and Jack Vier
13. Bill and Jan-------Bill and Jan Mains
14. winter texan------Ed & Laura Cook
15. tbhd---------------Dennis, Sharon and Jennifer Maison 3
16. mdgear-----------Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart
17. paperheart-------Phil and Janie Albright
18. tcwildman--------Tim & Carey Wildman
19. lkeller------------Carol and Larry Keller
20. JandBHall--------Judy and Bob Hall
21. pvcoach---------Ted and Beth Uhler
22. Rondo------------Ron and Mary Lichtenberg
23. KOLCB-----------Leonard Boyer and Marilyn Wyatt-Boyer
24. linduh------------Linda and Woody Wooderson
25. Tom S-----------Tom & Marlene Struckman
26. Max--------------Pat McFarlin and Ben Taher
27. jpkelpe----------Paul and Jan Kelpe
28. jimcol-----------Jim & Linda Collins
29. MP1-------------Miles and Marjorie Patten
30. birchbark------- Royce and Ruth Anne Baden
31. onekla---------- Brian & Kathy Adams
32. Linda Say-------Rick and Linda Say
33. Virginia Young--Steve a nd Gina Young
34. Scott-Pati------- Scott & Pati Luciano
35. Chiplynne------- Chip and Lynne Rice
36. camptime------- Brian and Donna Snell
37. sgtpp214--------Dave and Carla Kedrowski
38. djr--------------- Donald and Janice Ruehle
39. rohrmann---------Bob & Becky Rohrmann
40. Mrs. CountryGuy--Al and Carol Stevens
41. dunrovin1955-----Patty and Brent
42. Southstl-----------Steve and Evelyn Simmons
43. DonandBonnie----Don and Bonnie Lee
44. Ma and Pa Wilson--Max and Pam Wilson
45. capn chris---------Chris and Lynn Holmes
46. rames14----------Ron and Terrie Ames
47. Camping Koehlers--Roy & Debbi Koehler
48. Hook--------------Larry and Pat Sessoms
49. markrving--------Mark and Vicki Allen
50. Slowboy4748----- Charlie & MaryAnn Rankin
51. Johnsonw------- Walt & Joanne Johnson
52. JimnJulie---------Jim and Julie Painter
53. H. John Kohl------John Kohl
54. RburhornJR ------- Bob and Sharon Burhorn
55. Paul Mantz-Powers-Paul and Lynn Mantz-Powers

Helpers have been sent instructions prior to the dinner

List of Helpers:
Janet Huber
Pat Bohmer
Rosetta Person
Carey Wildman
Linda Wooderson

Tim Wildman
Joe Huber
Lynn Bohmer
Steve and Gina Young
Scott Luciano
Jim and Linda Collins
Woody Wooderson

bish 07-25-2014 06:04 PM

Count us in, Steve & Sharon Bischoff, total of 2

twindman 07-25-2014 08:05 PM

Count us in. Tom and Gail Windman.
p.s. Glad it is Thursday - previous couple of years schedules had it on Saturday (I want to drive down to Purdue and watch the Hawkeyes play)

NCFischers 07-25-2014 11:28 PM

Jim & Vickie Fischer are in.

George Morey 07-26-2014 02:43 AM

Please include George and Linda Morey to the dinner list.

richfaa 07-26-2014 03:33 AM

Rich and Helen are in.....

snowbiz 07-26-2014 05:43 AM

We will attend. Bud & Susie Walsh

WaltandLynne 07-26-2014 06:08 AM

Walt and Lynne Carothers will be there.

Jay Bird 07-26-2014 06:22 AM

George and Rosetta Person 2

Jay Bird 07-26-2014 06:27 AM

Jan will help collect tickets at door.

remhob 07-26-2014 02:19 PM

Put Lynn and Pat Bohmer down for two. Also, Pat can help again with tickets and Lynn can help with parking again.

Joe in Texas 07-26-2014 04:45 PM

Add to list of attending:
Joe & Janet Huber (2)

JandC 07-26-2014 06:04 PM

I can smell the food already! Put us down (Joe and Cindy Spidle)

Mynabird 07-26-2014 07:46 PM

Bob and Mina will go. [:I]

jdvier 07-27-2014 02:10 AM

Please sign Margie and Jack Vier up for the dinner.

Bill and Jan 07-27-2014 02:45 AM

Bill and Jan Mains would also like to attend the dinner.

winter texan 07-27-2014 06:10 AM

Put us on the list. Ed & Laura Cook, winter texan

tbhd 07-27-2014 06:36 AM

Please add the three of us to the list.

Dennis, Sharon and Jennifer

mdgear 07-27-2014 11:56 AM

Please add Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart to the list for supper.

paperheart 07-27-2014 08:46 PM

Phil and Janie Albright would like to attend, thanks!

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