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BillyRay 10-03-2004 11:04 AM

better year, next year for montana problems
hopefully next year will be a better year problem free with montana. I'm tired of buying new montana's and having problems.and it always seems to be water leaks!I can deal with little problems, but hate water leaks....(front LR slide in 3685)

prariepoodle 10-03-2004 11:19 AM

BillyRay, I am sorry that you are having trouble with your LR slide leaking and I hope that you can get it fixed. When we first brought ours home the Kitchen slide leaked real bad, we run it in about half way climbed up to look at the seal at the top inside and sure enough the seal was turned backwards about half way across. It took a lot of doing and a wrench to pry it out, then we ran the slide the rest of the way in and then back out and we had no more leak. I am sure that you have already done that but that is what fixed it for us. Good luck on getting your fixed.

joe2speed 10-03-2004 03:00 PM

boy, i feel fortunate that i had a trouble free camping season. after reading about the problems some of the montana owners are having. i have a 2004, 3655fl that went into service in august of 2003 and has not been back to the dealer. not to say that there were not a few small things that i had to take care of myself when i first got it home. wish that more of you "moc" members had been as lucky as i was with my coach.

Northstar 10-03-2004 07:51 PM

thanks for the post. Interesting some coaches work well and some don't. Must be the Monday or Friday syndrome. Happyrving....

Montana_70 10-04-2004 01:03 PM


I feel your pain! I hope I can get Miss Montana into Sun Coast RV before it starts raining again. They do feel optimistic that they will find the problem and they have promised me they are not going to use the "silicone method". It means moving out of it again and leaving it for a least a week, but I, like you, am at my wits end with this.

My bedroom slide leak has been consistent with both units I've had, but new leaks seem to come and go in various places depending on which way the rain blows in this 8 month old unit.

Having to deal with this again and again has put a "damper" on my RVing experience.

BillyRay 10-05-2004 03:09 AM

well after this week we are moving out and it will go into the shop for quite awhile. they will pull the slide completely out to try and fix it. i'll have them do a bunch of other stuff while it's there as well. we are done for the winter after Columbus day week end...sad to say, just too much going on this year. we will be done traveling until spring.

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