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abonzer 05-12-2011 08:02 AM

Slide Pump Hose & Relays
About six months ago I had a hydraulic line leak. At the time I was on the road so I spliced the line with a barbed inline splice with hose clamps. Handy to keep a splice in case of emergency. It held until I got back home. I was actually surprised that it held at all.
I got under the trailer last week and went through the painful process of removing the underbelly and replace the line. What an oily mess!
The line was rubbing against the frame and it caused the line to rupture. Had a new hose made, cost $98.00. New line is very heavy duty, probably overkill.
I installed the line and added transmission fluid. Upon starting up the pump to push the slides I had a new problem, the contactor (relay) held closed (sticking) keeping the pump running. Not good.
Did some research and decided to replace both contactors, one for slides out and the other for slides in. The contactor was made by White Rodgers and the ones I had have been discontinued. The replacement is White Rodgers # 120-901, or 120-907 depending on your mounting location. Found it at Allied Electronics.
Installed and now back in service.
Posting here in case others have a similar issue.

Hooker 05-12-2011 03:20 PM

Re your new hose and it rubbing against the frame. I had the same problem and cut about a 6" piece of old hose, then sliced it on one side length wise. Then I held it open (length wise) and put it over the line that had been frayed...couple of strap ties to hold it in place.

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