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Turtle-Ham 04-03-2019 07:18 PM

Converter RFI

My XYL and I have been full time RVers in a 3721RL for a bit over two years. We bought the rig new, and have had a few hiccups but nothing insurmountable; for the most part, we're satisfied with how things have shaped up.

My main beef as a ham is that the converter generates a significant amount of RF noise in the HF range. 40 and 80 are two of my favorite bands, but the noise floor when I'm running on shore power - and therefore through the converter - is often S9; along with the elevated noise floor, there also tends to be major spurs also generated by the converter at certain freqs. In general, I can work around the spurs, but the wide band noise can't be avoided.

I've determined that the noise is from the converter by shutting off everything in the trailer other than pulling the converter's main breaker itself. The only time the high noise level is not there is if I disconnect the RV from shore power entirely and run my HF rig from an independent generator (a Honda e2000i, in my case); it's nice and quiet in that case. I wouldn't mind running my RV off the generator even considering the extra gas expense, but shutting off the shore power kills the satellite TV which takes 45 minutes or so to restart once it sees power again.

How can I filter the noise from my rig? I run both an FT-857D and FT-817ND with no difference.

FWIW, the converter is made by Progressive Dynamics, Inc, model PD4575K18L. While the RV was still under warranty (since expired), I argued with Keystone that the converter was causing this kind of noise in hopes they'd cover an alteration under the warranty, but that went nowhere as they said the unit complied with FCC specs. (Hey, I had to give it shot!)

Any suggestions?


Jim, ND9M

AZ Traveler 04-03-2019 09:06 PM


You might try installing an inverter. This would let you run the TV and radio off your battery bank with the shore power unplugged.

Also might try running your radio in another rig which might help you ID if there is something wrong with your converter. A new converter is relatively inexpensive.

rohrmann 04-03-2019 11:06 PM

I would just call Progressive directly. They have a very sharp staff and can connect you with a tech that can get even deeper with technical issues.

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