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Montana_256 04-27-2003 05:19 AM

Finally an update on our new Mountaineer
Hello All,

Do you remember us, Mike & Meredith from Apopka... Trying to buy the new '02 Mountaineer? 310TBS We finally did it. Picked her up last Tuesday (15th) We have a quite extensive warranty list (rusty screws on mostly all windows, Bathtub to be replaced because drain is popping up, the rear door comes un hinged during travel, black/grey mislabeled on outside and on monitor panel, exhaust fan blade falls out on operation) but we aren't complaining! Just have to find the time to get her in the shop to have it all worked out.

This thing pulls like a dream. Also, is this forum just for 5vr owners, or are we TT owners welcome? Sure hope so!

Our first night was in a local Campground (don't recommend it, it is Orlando/WinterGarden CG) more of a place where people actually live permanently. Oh well. Next 2 nights we spent out in the woods at my in-laws place. Ran out of water the first night. That shows how newbie we really are. Didn't know 40+ gallons could go so quick! Can a bigger fresh tank be added? Also why are the black & grey tanks the same size? Think you would want a bigger space for grey than black?

Back at home, clean up and she is parked in the driveway. I made up some shelving I wanted to share with you all. Went to walmart, got the cheapo plastic shelves which some people put in the garages... Anyway, they were $9.00 per kit. I sawed the tubes in half to 7 1/2 inches long each., and the shelves fit perfectly in the wardrobes. Now the kids have the bottom of the wardrobe with a plastic basket under it; and two shelves each. Same with the master bedroom., Also put one in the pantry; one under the sink (on the back side) and one two in the "coat closet" at the entry door. Let me know if you want photos and I'll send. These are lightway, super easy to install and a great practical solution to those tall hanging wardrobes when you want shelving or drawers.

Also found some great exact match towels at Walmart for the Spring Floral unit. With kids, I laid out the towels over the carpet and you can hardly tell it's not the carpet they are trashing :) Also some good color coordination accent towels. Can you tell I just love walmart?

That's about it for now., we are just waiting for the time off to go take her out for an extended camp!

Thanks for all the advice;

Apopka, FL

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